Varnish Realtime Dashboard V2

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Varnish Realtime Dashboard V2

I’ve updated the varnish dashboard to use NodeJS for both serving the HTML pages and also for the restful interface to Varnish.

The front page has also changed to show the stats in one view:

Varnish Realtime Dashboard

Varnish Realtime Dashboard

I’ve put this on github so if anyone wants to have a look they can do, Varnish Dashboard V2

There are a couple of the Restful functions that don’t¬†current do anything and still need coding (mainly the update to VCLs as I don’t have anything in the interface to use them yet).

Restful interface functions

  • /vcl
    • get the list of vcls loaded into Varnish
  • /vcl/static
    • get the list of static vcls that have been saved to file
  • /vcl/static/:vclName
    • get – the contents of the vcl from file
    • put – update the vcl to file
    • delete – delete the vcl file
  • /vcl/snippet
    • get the available snippets
  • /vcl/:vclName
    • post – save the vcl
    • get – get the contents of the vcl
    • put – update the vcl
    • delete – delete the vcl
  • /vcl/:vclName/activate
    • put – activate the vcl
  • /vcl/snippet/:snippetname
    • get the content of the snippet
  • /ban get
    • get the ban list
    • post – add a ban
  • /status
    • get the status of varnish
  • /stop
    • post to stop varnish
  • /start
    • post to start varnish
  • /stats
    • get the varnish stats
  • /stat/:stat
    • get a particular stat
  • /backends
    • get the list and status of the backends
  • /event
    • post in an event

The ban and VCL editor are just the same as previous just hosted and using the NodeJS backend to gather details.



  1. Djerfy
    April 27, 2014


    Your varnish dashbord is perfect !
    Why don’t use a bootstrap ?

    Best regards,

    • james
      April 27, 2014

      It does use bootstrap, it uses AdminLTE which is based on bootstrap, I just liked some of the extras it had. You could take them out and use just plain bootstrap and it should be pretty much the same.


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