Useful AIX commands

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Maintance Levels

Show the AIX maintance level

instfix -i | grep AIX_ML

IP Trace

Start the trace

iptrace -a -p <port> -s <source host> <output_file>

When you want to stop the tracing

kill -15 <pid>

To view the tracing you can use either wireshark or ipreport


The following are some useful Inittab commands as you should not edit the iniitab file directly.

lsitab -a #Lists all entries in inittab

lsitab (ident eg tty1) #Lists the tty1 entry in inittab

mkitab ("details") #Creates a new inittab entry

chitab ("details") #Ammends an existing inittab entry

rmitab (ident eg tty1) #Removes an inittab entry.

chitab "tty1:2:respawn:/usr/bin/getty /dev/tty1" #Changes entry


lssrc -s syslogd #checks the status of syslog

kill <syslogd PID> #kills syslog

startsrc -s syslogd #starts syslogd

stopsrc -s syslogd #stops syslogd

Processes using ports

To find out which processes are using a specific port you can use the following

lsof -i :<port>


The following will show the details of the resource groups

/usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities/clshowres | egrep ''Volume Groups|Resource Group Name''

The following will show what is on the resource group

lsvg -l <VG NAME>



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