Server Monitoring

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I decided that I wanted to put some monitoring on the server for items such as CPU, Memory, Disk and Network usage.  I had a look around and there are a number of different products that I could of used such as collectd, Nagios and various others based on RRD data collection, after looking at […]

Load Testing my site

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Well I thought I would see how Varnish held up under some load.  I signed up to Blitz which is a load testing and performance tool which allows you to simulate some load on your server.  You get some credits so that you can try it out for free as well.  I thought I would […]

WordPress and Varnish

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After a couple of outages I decided to move my website to a new host.  I found Digital Ocean which offers VPS servers for a very reasonable price.  This would now allow me to totally manage everything about my hosting including adding Varnish which is a web application accelerator.  One of the things with Varnish is that […]

WooCommerce Google Product Feed

Posted by on Nov 27, 2012 in Wordpress | 87 Comments

Adding a Google Product feed in WooCommerce is pretty easy to do if yourself if you don’t want to buy the Google Product Feed Plugin for this from the WooCommerce store. First you have to create the product feed, so you will need to add the following to your functions.php file, this will then create your product […]

Datapower monitoring

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Datapower devices return a number of different metrics for the various parts of the device.  To gather the metrics you can send SNMP get requests to the devices. The following script takes a argument about which metric you want to gather the information for and then uses a configuration file which holds the server name and […]

Migrate Endpoints Between Regions

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To migrate and endpoint from one TMR to another without actually loggin into the server you can run the following commands which will migrate the Endpoint to the specified IP.

Agent Builder support install

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To install the support files etc required for a new agent builder agent you should perform the following: On the Hub TEMS change to the directory containing the source for the new agent: On the TEPS On the HUB TEMS and Remote TEMS On the TEPS server you should then stop the TEPS then perform […]

Agent Builder Environment Variables

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These environment variables control the behavior of the agent at runtime. On Windows® systems, these variables are defined in the agent KXXENV file. On UNIX® and Linux® systems, these variables can be set in the agent $CANDLEHOME/config/XX.ini file. XX is the two-letter product code. The agent must be restarted for the new settings to take […]

Useful AIX commands

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Maintance Levels Show the AIX maintance level IP Trace Start the trace When you want to stop the tracing To view the tracing you can use either wireshark or ipreport Inittab The following are some useful Inittab commands as you should not edit the iniitab file directly. Syslog Processes using ports To find out which […]

Cleaning Universal agent versions

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There is a bug in the Universal agent code from version 6.2 which means that the processing of the MDL files is not the same as it was in previous versions. This means that you will have different versions of the Universal Agent data providers if you update the MDL files in 6.2 and upwards. […]